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Revaz Gagashvili / Enamel

Mainly here you will find enamel works of Revaz Gagashvili, who has been working with enamel since nineties. He has prepared a number of works which are exhibited in churches around the Country.

Aside friom religious thematics Mr. Rezo Gagashvili also practeces in preparing modern art works. In case if you are interested to see modern examples of enamel you can click here.

In Cooperation with other artists Rezo Gagashvili decorates icons/works which attract public attention and get good recommendations. Under each work you will find names of artists who made their input into given work.

Contact infomation: Tbilisi, Georgia
Tel.: 557 23 89 57
For International call+995 93 195002
e-mail g.revaz@yahoo.com


Zurab Chikvinidze

David Dolidze


Father Dorote


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